Thu.Oct 21, 2021

This Simple Experiment Could Challenge Standard Quantum Theory

Scientific American

Measuring the time it takes particles to travel between two points may offer the best-yet test for Bohmian mechanics. -- Read more on Space & Physics Quantum Physics

2021 114

Finding Bright Spots in the Global Coral Reef Catastrophe

Yale E360

The first-ever report on the world’s coral reefs presents a grim picture, as losses mount due to global warming. But there are signs of hope — some regions are having coral growth, and researchers found that corals can recover if given a decade of reprieve from hot water. Read more on E360

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Climate change in a nutshell: the causes and effects of global warming, simply put

Physics World

It might sound impossible to explain something as complex as the mechanisms of climate change both simply and accurately.

Surging Energy Prices May Not Ease Until Next Year


By Andrea Pescatori , Martin Stuermer , and Nico Valckx. Soaring natural gas prices are rippling through global energy markets—and other economic sectors from factories to utilities.

First positronium image recorded during a PET scan

Physics World

Simultaneous scans: Positronium lifetime image (left) and standardized uptake value image (right) of a phantom containing tumour and adipose tissue samples, recorded using the Jagiellonian-PET scanner. The positronium image reveals differences between cancerous and healthy tissues.

When and why did human brains decrease in size 3,000 years ago? New study may have found clues within ants

Frontier Sin

By Suzanna Burgelman, Frontiers science writer. Image: Yongkiet Jitwattanatam/ The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Now, a new study has brought us closer to understanding some of its evolution.

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Biological systems inspire new method for extracting lithium

Physics World

A new way to extract lithium from contaminated water could make this technologically important metal much easier to produce.

What Dune Should Teach Us about the Beauty of 'Wastelands'

Scientific American

There are deep-rooted connections between sustainable deserts and a sustainable future. -- Read more on Environment Climate Change Conservation Ecology

More companies pledge ‘net-zero’ emissions to fight climate change, but what does that really mean?

Environmental News Bits

by Amrou Awaysheh (Indiana University) You’ll probably hear the term “net-zero emissions” a lot over the coming weeks as government leaders and CEOs, under pressure, talk about how they’ll reduce their countries’ or businesses’ impact on climate change.

Patient alignment with lasers from LAP: why lasers are essential for the workflow in your radiation therapy

Physics World

Want to take part in this webinar? Join the audience. There have been enormous improvements in radiation therapy over the last 20 years. MR-only workflows and the invention of MR-guided Linacs brought new perspectives.

Caring for the environment has a long Catholic lineage – hundreds of years before Pope Francis

Environmental News Bits

by Joanne M. Pierce (College of the Holy Cross) Pope Francis led dozens of religious leaders Oct. 4, 2021 in issuing a plea to protect the environment, warning that “Future generations will never forgive us if we miss the opportunity to protect our common home.”

2021 83

Ag & Food Law Daily Update: October 21, 2021

National Law Center

A comprehensive summary of today’s judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in agriculture and food.

2021 82

Sperm quality has been declining for 16 years among men in the US

New Scientist

Data from 170,000 semen analyses performed in the US between 2005 and 2021 reveals a worrying decline in sperm quality

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A systematic literature review on employee relations with CSR: State of art and future research agenda

Environmental News Bits

Onkila, T., & Sarna, B. 2021). “A systematic literature review on employee relations with CSR: State of art and future research agenda.” ” Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 1-13.

2021 76

Accounting for Nature: The Kananaskis Conservation Pass

Environmental Law Centre

Accounting for Nature: The Kananaskis Conservation Pass In 2022, the Environmental Law Centre (“ELC”) will be releasing a report about the funding of conservation. The post Accounting for Nature: The Kananaskis Conservation Pass appeared first on Environmental Law Centre.

Pandemic Economic Recovery Could Worsen Climate Change Health Impacts

Scientific American

By continuing to subsidize fossil fuels, recovery plans could exacerbate threats from diseases like malaria, cholera and dengue fever. -- Read more on Climate Change Health Public Health

A major federal response to occupational extreme heat is here at last

Environmental News Bits

by Lynée Turek-Hankins and Katharine Mach (University of Miami) The summer of 2021 was devilishly hot across much of the U.S.

Procedures: Class Actions & Multi-district Litigations

National Law Center

Filing a lawsuit can be a complex process. There are multiple legal procedures that govern how lawsuits may be brought, litigated, The post Procedures: Class Actions & Multi-district Litigations appeared first on National Agricultural Law Center. Brigit Rollins Procedure

Donna Strickland on her life-changing Nobel prize, previewing Black in Physics Week, nuclear fusion in stars

Physics World

In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, the Canadian Nobel laureate and laser physicist Donna Strickland talks about how winning the prize in 2018 was a life-changing event.

2018 71

Penelec Installs Equipment On Power Lines To Protect Eagles In Crawford County

PA Environment Daily

Penelec , a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., has placed markers on a long stretch of power line in the Erie National Wildlife Refuge in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, to help bald eagles avoid in-flight collisions that could cause power outages as they fly between their nest and fishing grounds.

Automated imaging makes AFM experiments faster and easier

Physics World

Scientists and engineers have for many years relied on atomic force microscopy (AFM) to reveal the secrets of materials at the nanoscale.

New Smart Energy Management Tool from RCA To Save Broadband Operators 20% in Operating Costs

Environmental Leader

Due to advancing electricity storage technology, electricity can be stored in batteries and used at a later time. API’s GRIDIoT® OLS takes advantage of this by.

CityU physics: undergraduate students prioritize connection and collaboration

Physics World

Think big, recruit well, move fast: that’s the ambitious mantra informing the leading-edge research effort and undergraduate education programme within City University of Hong Kong’s Department of Physics.

2017 69

Osprey Chicks Learn to Fly

PBS Nature

The post Osprey Chicks Learn to Fly appeared first on Nature. Uncategorized 40th season Bird birds osprey ospreys Season 40 Season of the Osprey

2021 68

An Unblinking History of the Conservation Movement

Scientific American

In her new book, Beloved Beasts: Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction, journalist and author Michelle Nijhuis looks into the past of the wildlife conservation field, warts. -- Read more on Environment Endangered Species

Wolf cubs raised by humans become attached to us like puppies

New Scientist

Wolf cubs raised by humans become attached to people like puppies, suggesting ancient wolves could have become attached to Stone Age humans too

2021 95

Chief Editor of Nanodevices receives 2021 Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists for pioneering memristive technology

Frontier Sin

We are proud to announce that Professor Themis Prodromakis , Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Nanotechnology and Specialty Chief Editor for Nanodevices section , has been awarded the 2021 Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom in the Physical Sciences and Engineering Category.

BreezoMeter Joins Climate Savers Week: A Matter of Life & Breath


Global Climate Savers Week is soon upon us! BreezoMeter’s own US Head of Growth, Paul Walsh, is set to participate in this year’s remarkable online networking event, and trust us when we say: you wouldn’t want to miss all the valuable insights and potential collaboration opportunities.

Female African elephants evolved to lose tusks due to ivory poaching

New Scientist

Poaching in Mozambique triggered female elephants in the country to evolve and lose their tusks – but the genetic mutations that cause tusk loss seem to be lethal to male elephants

2021 90

Bye-bye, batteries! Engineers release software for DIY battery-free electronics

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Centered. When playing a handheld video game, don’t you just want to keep going and going without worrying about replacing batteries? Now you can, thanks to Northwestern University computer engineers. They were on the team that developed a battery-free Game Boy that harvests solar energy and kinetic energy from the user’s button mashing to… Read more → Computing/Consumer electronics Energy storage

2021 63

How Finland plans to create a circular bioeconomy that runs on wood

New Scientist

Finland wants to make everything from ceramics to medical devices and even satellites from wood, helping it to hit carbon neutrality by 2035

2021 89

Adidas and ThredUp want to resell your used footwear

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in Fast Company. The program aims to “extend the lifecycle” of clothing items by rewarding consumers with points in exchange for their old gear. Read more → Circular economy Fashion & beauty products Green lifestyle Retail

2021 62

The entire state of California is now under drought emergency


A drought emergency has been declared for California. On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom made a statement urging residents to use water responsibly. The statewide drought emergency declaration comes just a few months after the governor declared a drought emergency in selected counties

2021 87

GM, GE look to develop rare earth materials supply chain

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story from the Associated Press. General Motors and General Electric are looking at developing a supply chain of rare earth materials that help make electric vehicles and renewable energy equipment. Read more → Auto industry Metals Renewable energy Supply chain