Sun.Sep 18, 2022

Success on the commons

Environment, Law, and History

Last year Environmental History published a review by Frederica Bowcutt of Mexico’s Community Forest Enterprises: Success on the Commons and the Seeds of a Good Anthropocene , by David Barton Bray (U. Arizona Press, 2020).

Law 52

Top 10 Stories: Harrisburg/PA Politics Reported By Local News Media Last Week

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Saturday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 9.17.22

PA Environment Daily

Are You Telling Your Story?

This Week’s Examples Of Going The WRONG WAY On Environmental, Energy Issues

PA Environment Daily

While PA Environment Digest’s priority is to highlight positive examples of environmental and energy leadership, 2022 is an election year which demands accountability to voters.

Shaping a Resilient Future: Climate Impact on Vulnerable Populations

Speaker: Laurie Schoeman Director, Climate & Sustainability, Capital

During this event, national climate and housing expert Laurie Schoeman will discuss topics including relocation, decarbonization, housing affordability, disparities in climate risks, and the health impacts of climate change.

Environment & Energy Educational Opportunities For Students & Adults

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