Fri.Nov 26, 2021

When The Tide is Out, The Table is Set

Ocean Conservancy

This blog was written by Stephen Payton, the Regional Indian General Assistance Program Environmental Coordinator for the Chugach Regional Resources Commission and the Environmental Assistant for the Seldovia Village Tribe.

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Frontiers wins coveted ‘Special Jury Prize’ at Vaud International Business Awards 

Frontier Sin

Frontiers is pleased to announce it has won the Special Jury Prize at the 2021 Vaud International Business Awards.

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Why weather apps disagree with each other, Einstein’s notes fetch millions, physicist and Subway founder dies age 90

Physics World

There are thousands of weather apps to choose from and perhaps surprisingly, they can sometimes give different forecasts. In this video from The Guardian , Josh Toussaint-Strauss explores why different apps can give different predictions for sunshine or rain.

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2021 was a bad year for glaciers in western North America — and it’s about to get much worse

Environmental News Bits

by Brian Menounos, University of Northern British Columbia The year 2021 will likely be one of the worst for glaciers in southern British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and Montana. It started out OK. A weak La Niña arrived in the fall of 2020 and continued through the winter.

Omicron: How dangerous is the new variant first found in South Africa?

New Scientist

There are many open questions about the new variant of SARS-CoV-2 that was first detected in South Africa. Here's what we know so far

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4 unexpected places where adults can learn science

Environmental News Bits

by Jill Zarestky, Colorado State University Modern society benefits when people understand science concepts. This knowledge helps explain how cryptocurrency works, why climate change is happening or how the coronavirus is transmitted from person to person.

Redo of a Famous Experiment on the Origins of Life Reveals Critical Detail Missed for Decades

Scientific American

The Miller-Urey experiment showed that the conditions of early Earth could be simulated in a glass flask. New research finds the flask itself played an under appreciated, though outsized role. -- Read more on Biology Evolution

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Merging black holes may create bubbles that could swallow the universe

New Scientist

The area between a pair of large black holes on the verge of colliding could provide the conditions to create dangerous bubbles of "true vacuum

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The Need for Enhanced and Meaningful Confidentiality in Tribal Cultural Resource Protection

Legal Planet

For Indigenous Peoples, the forced removal from ancestral lands coupled with the Western commodification of human remains and ceremonial objects has resulted in a devastating and ongoing loss of cultural resources.

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B.1.1.529: How dangerous is the new variant found in South Africa?

New Scientist

There are many open questions about the new variant of SARS-CoV-2 detected in South Africa. Here's what we know so far

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Why It Took So Long to Appreciate Female Birds' Songs

Scientific American

Science and science communication miss out when they’re not inclusive. -- Read more on Biology Sex & Gender

2021 103

Hamilton Votes to End Sprawl: Stop Sprawl Hamilton saves thousands of acres & sets a precedent for the GTHA

Enviromental Defense

In a game-changing victory for the people of Hamilton and the future of the region’s forests and farmland, Hamilton’s City Council has voted by a 13-3 margin to END URBAN SPRAWL.

New Electric SUVs and CUVs for 2022

Earth 911

Every year, more new electric vehicle models are rolling out, and 2022 is no exception. The post New Electric SUVs and CUVs for 2022 appeared first on Earth911. EcoTech Electric Vehicles EVs

Film review: Dear Future Children

A Greener Life

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye delivered a passionate speech in Copenhagen. Photo credit: Dear Future Children. By Anders Lorenzen. Three stories in three places around the world about battles fought by young activists.

Entanglements make hydrogel stiff and tough

Physics World

Elastic polymers can be stretched and released repeatedly without tearing and are widely employed in applications from disposable gloves to heart valves. Their main drawback is that they can generally be made either stiff or tough, but not both at the same time.

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Sustainable gin and family-sized crisps! My week eating a climatarian diet

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in The Guardian. Many of us are keen to eat more sustainably – but is a vegan croissant better or worse than locally sourced sausages? And can climate-conscious eating ever be enjoyable? One writer finds out. Read more → Green lifestyle

2021 63

The Surprising Secret of Snakes' Venomous Bites

Scientific American

Fangs evolved over and over because of this groovy process. -- Read more on Advances Biology Animals Evolution

2021 87

Bio-inspired retrofit may save manufacturers millions of gallons of water annually

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at ProFood World. Namib desert beetles capture water droplets from fog. To fight water scarcity, an MIT-spinoff uses the same concept to capture and recycle vapor from cooling tower plumes, saving water and cutting costs in manufacturing facilities. Read more → Biomimicry Manufacturing Water

The Psychological Differences between Those Who Love and Loathe Black Friday Shopping

Scientific American

Some people are more “task-oriented,” while others focus more on making social connections. -- Read more on Mind & Brain Behavior Social Sciences Sociology

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Lummus and Braskem partner to license technology for two green ethylene projects

Environmental News Bits

Read the company news release at Waste360. Lummus Technology announced that it has executed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Braskem Netherlands B.V., a subsidiary of Braskem, the largest biopolymer producer in the world. The MOU is for the licensing of Braskem’s green ethylene technology for two ethanol to ethylene conversion projects under development in… Read more → Chemical manufacturing Green chemistry

6 Indian street foods that are traditionally vegan


If you’re vegan, Indian street food is a dream come true. There are many popular options here that are traditionally vegan and totally delicious

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Corrugated Packaging Recyclability Guidelines launched by FEFCO

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Packaging Europe. The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO), which represents the corrugated packaging industry across Europe, has today released its Corrugated Packaging Recyclability Guidelines aimed at optimising recyclability via design parameters for paper and board packaging. Read more → Packaging Publications Sustainable design

Environmental law in Rome and beyond

Environment, Law, and History

For the Italian speakers among you (courtesy of the ESCLH blog): The Laboratory of Legal and Economic History at Università degli Studi "Magna Graecia" in Catanzaro will be holding a conference on "The environment between law and economics: a long journey from the Roman world to the contemporary age" on 3-4 December 2021.

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End-of-life management of solar PV waste in India

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in pv magazine. A new study proposes an ‘extended producer responsibility’ regulatory framework for end-of-life solar PV management in India. Read more → India Publications Solar

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NUQI uses 100% natural materials for its products


After years of experience in the fashion industry, Tosca van Haren was fed up with fast fashion and the waste in the industry, so she launched her own social fashion brand NUQI

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Docs: Benton Harbor water response marked by delays, poor messaging

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Bridge Michigan. Fourteen months after tests of Benton Harbor’s water system first revealed elevated lead levels, state environmental staffers had begun to feel “caught between a rock and a hard place.” The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy had ordered Benton Harbor to fix water system problems, including… Read more → Environmental health Environmental justice Water

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Sen. Yaw Introduces Legislation To Unconstitutionally Break State Contracts For Renewable Energy Credits

PA Environment Daily

On November 23, Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming) introduced Senate Bill 945 (Yaw-R-Lycoming) which directs state government to unconstitutionally break contracts with renewable alternative energy suppliers and sell all the alternative energy credits owed by state government and deposit the proceeds in the Marcellus Legacy Fund for use to plug orphan or abandoned oil and gas wells ( sponsor summary ). Yaw serves as the Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

Track sea-level changes anywhere with NASA’s new SEA tool

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story from NASA. NASA’s newly updated online tool, SEA (Sea-level Evaluation and Assessment), provides a snapshot of the ocean’s rise or fall for locations across the planet. It covers the period between 1993 and 2019. Read more → Climate change Information tools Water

Friday PA Environment & Energy NewsClips 11.26.21

PA Environment Daily

House returns to session Dec. 13, 14, 15 -- Committee Schedule Senate returns to session Dec.

Northeast utilities are spending billions on resilience, and the investments are paying off

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Utility Dive. Flood mitigation and storm hardening efforts are being informed by climate models that look decades ahead. Read more → Climate adaptation Climate change Energy Sustainable communities

Digital weather station in Spain looks like a wood ring


LPA Studios' digital totem for the beaches of the Canary Islands has just won the Architizer A+ Product Award 2021 and the gold at Grand Prix du Design Awards 14th Edition 2021. This beautiful 2.5-meter tall digital beacon combines traditional art forms with modern function, working both as a decorative seasonal sundial and digital weather station

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An Instagram account promised to plant a tree for every pet picture. 4 million posts later, where are they?

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story in the Washington Post. The promise was straightforward: “We’ll plant 1 tree for every pet picture.” Within minutes, that prompt this week from an account called Plant A Tree Co. took off on Instagram. It became a global trend, with millions of people rushing to upload photos of cats and dogs… Read more → Social media

2021 63

Smart city evolution: How cities have stepped back from a ‘tech arms race’

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Smart Cities Dive. Following the ‘first wave’ of the smart cities movement, local leaders describe how they have largely shifted from a tech-first to a resident-first approach. Read more → Sustainable communities

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Platform helps food businesses monitor their carbon emissions

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Springwise. A new platform helps all types of food businesses, including manufacturers and restaurants, to accurately track and improve their carbon usage. Read more → Climate change Corporate sustainability Food and beverage manufacturing Food service and restaurants Information tools

A guide to addressing your Scope 3 value chain emissions

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at GreenBiz. As organizations around the world take action to address climate change, many are committing to ambitious climate goals, including net zero carbon emissions, carbon neutrality and science-based targets. However, knowing the proper steps to take to achieve climate goals can sometimes be a challenge, particularly as it relates to… Read more → Corporate sustainability Measurement Supply chain